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If a man really wants a woman he perceives he can’t get the easy way, he usually cooks up different stories he can tell her to win her heart (more like deceive her into giving in to his desires), and that is why women must be more careful in dealing with men. When a guy comes your way, be sure to access him properly, lest you fall for one of the following lies…the top 6 lies men tell just to get into your pants. Read, and thank me later…



When a man desperately wants to get in bed with you, he’s going to do everything he can to achieve that purpose, and that includes lying about his relationship status. If he tells you he has a girlfriend, chances are you’ll run in the other direction. One of the common lies men tell is that they’re single when they’re actually in a relationship. Sometimes you have to take his word for it, but if you take the time to do some digging of your own, you might find out something that will kill-off any feeling you have for him.


Sometimes, you like a guy, and wanna hook up with him, but somehow, you have doubts about his ability to keep secrets. Now, being the smart man that he is, he’ll want to delete your doubts. He’ll promise you that he’ll keep your romance a secret, but he’ll end up bragging to his friends. Once he blabs to one person, it can quickly become public knowledge, and it won’t stay secret for long.


Ladies, beware when a man constantly showers you with compliments. Of course they’re genuine sometimes, but often times, they’re nothing but a ploy to get you in bed. If he feels like he has to butter you up before you’ll kiss him or have sex with him, he’ll say whatever he has to say. He’ll tell you you’re beautiful, and that you’re so ‘marryable’ (if there’s such a word). He might even tell you that he loves you. If you’re anywhere near a bed, don’t always take his word for it.


This lie is often used on women who are more attracted to men with higher incomes. If a guy perceives that you’re easily impressed by a fat wallet and fancy things, he’ll use that weakness against you. He’ll lie about his job; how much he earns, and what he does for a living. He’ll tell you that he makes six figures, or that he recently got promoted. He’ll say whatever he can to appear more marketable. There are women who just fall prey to this sort of lie, not because they are attracted to money, but because they met the wrong guy.


If a man’s really desperate, he’ll also lie about something as important as children. I mean, what do women love more than babies? In an attempt to impress you, he’ll make you believe that he loves babies, and that he wants to get married and have kids as soon as possible. That way, you’ll think of him as a potential mate, and won’t mind jumping into bed with him. This is one of the most deceitful ways men use to get into a woman’s pants.


It’s common knowledge that women like cuddling a lot. They love to feel a man’s body pressed against their own, and most times, when they do it, they do it for the sake of it, and nothing more. However, men rarely cuddle for the sake of it. If a man wants to cuddle with you, chances are he wants to have sex in the process…so ladies, always be wary. It’s possible that he’s romantic, but most times, he’s using cuddling as an excuse to get into your pants.

So ladies, BEWARE!




  1. Adrissa Priscilla Nigu | December 20, 2014 at 7:33 pm | Reply

    I totally agree.
    I am currently in it.
    My partner uses this a lot to lure women so on the end am having lots of problems with him

  2. The advice is not too bad, but believe plenty of them will not take your advice serious because they love material things and will always fall prey to the mercy of wicked guyz

  3. Where is “my ship leaves in the morning and I’ll be gone for six months”? I really like you a lot and want to remember you on those lonely nights at sea while I’m gone.

  4. Nawa days, is not only men who wants to get into women’s pants, but women too.

  5. Men are just heartless thats all.they act like animals.

  6. I appreciate this observation, but it must be taken with objectivity because there are men out there who hold women with very high esteem and would not just want to get into women’s pants. And there are women (said objectively) who do not give themselves the worth, dignity and integrity God has bestowed unto them; they let men just get into their pants because they lack discretion.

  7. all the men are not the same

  8. This is sooooooooooooo bloody tru. . . . . cause i just got out of a relationship that i nearly felt for everything, and how he came to meet my parents and that was all just an act. . . . . cause til the month we were gonna get marry, i stil had doubts about him. . . . . and its true. . . . .

  9. I need to start working on another lies now that u let women know this…

  10. OMG! haha!! I can tell that the one who made this is a man hater. I can feel her hatred for man. I don’t agree nor agree to this. Some may be true. Not all man are the same. It would be safe to say knowing other people “not only man” even women takes time to know each other. Have a nice day.. 😀

  11. The warning number 2 just does not make sense. Why should a Partner in serious Relationship keep it secret if that partner is not a player just? The more a relationship is exposed the better for both parties because it will reduce the chances that either parties will again go flirting or even having another relationship somewhere apart frim this one. If a woman does not want to expose my relationship with her, i quit immediately i come to know.

  12. maybe you are right, but let me get this straight, whats wrong with getting into her pants? r u saying they should not allow men into their pants? then who? women instead?

  13. Edmand Aryampika | January 5, 2015 at 11:00 am | Reply

    Gals, how would u feel if the year ends and no man has tried to lie to u and enter your pants?

  14. This is awesome. Yeah, woman! be mindful of those men out there.

  15. The facts are that girls like a-holes (nice guys do not stack up for some un-explainable reason which is what the focus of this article should really be about)…..and they love access to easy money… if this were not true then how could guys get away with this as much as they do……or are women really a bit simple?????????????????????????????????

  16. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. kyarisiima prisca | January 7, 2015 at 11:52 am | Reply

    i agree

  18. Ladies be honest enough “if i have paid you transport, drinks, meals, took you to nice and expensive places you could not afford, bought you swimming costume, nice dress, that pretty I-PAD etc………………….” what do you want to pay me with???????……….what i do its what make you feel for me and continuously wet…………….though 1000 people warned you about me, you can’t give up and feel done with me. But after entering your PANTIES you can give up and forget about me but you will never forget someone you fell for and did not sleep with.

  19. Women

  20. This has to have been written by a woman, it’s projection 101 in action!#@#
    Male brag less then female (braggin maybe not, but divulging information that’s all woman).

    1st change bragging for “divulgating information”, because bragging is a social result not singular.(when a guy is bragging in the desert, you can’t hear the tree falling 😉 )

    Ok here it goes

    -female brains are actually better put together in exchange for a weaker body
    -male brains are kinda butched in comparison as testosterone focuses on the body growth.

    The female benefit from the data-processing as the brain is her advantage while the male on the other hand will benefit from the least amount of data processing. The male then choses go rely on rules to allow himself to control, benefit annd rule the weaker but more intelligent machine whilst the opposite is true for the female.

    So given an identical environment FEMALE MALE EQUALITY 100% (having your cake and eat it too is not 100% by the way… you can’t have the bad boy fucking your brains out today and want him to buy you tampax tomorrow*) female will always be WAY WAY more deceptive than males

    Now if you feel this is not true, i guaranty you that you are in an female-oppressive environment find yourself a good guy and you will fuck him over before he does.

    – Think about it, ask you bff, how many girls fuck over a bad guy?
    – How many girls fucked over a good guy?

    I bet that no bad-guy got fucked over, but all your friends that did fuck a guy over was to a good-guy, because…..

    …on equal ground bitches are bitches and boys will be boys!

    *Scientifically and statistically it is more efficient for a female to couple with a male for survival(weaker testosterone male) while seeding with another male for reproduction(stronger testosterone male).

  21. Hehehehehe……………….

    That’s the fact!!! but ebryone need to

  22. a showing machine is for either torn or new clothes but tears bears good relationship with cry the best insurance is trust, hope in one another and humbling one`s heart in case of wrongs, learning from mistake and forgiving one another.

  23. It Depends.. because when true love has arrived you will never take your partner for granted. Women’s and man’s must be both conservative and never be rude, because relationship that has no peace always leads to malice.

  24. Hanipher nalunkuma | October 31, 2018 at 12:17 pm | Reply

    Alright thanks for the observation

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